Brand: Husky Mount

Product Code: VM-01

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  • ULTIMATE SUPPORT for any computer monitor, Macbook or laptop. Fully adjustable to 2.7, 4.1, or 5.6 inches. Relieves stress and pain in shoulders, neck, head, and eyes. Quick and easy to setup
  • STRONG AND STEADY holds up to an impressive 22 pounds of weight. These are durable rock hard, thick ABS plastic legs that won't wobble or vibrate. Strong MDF platform. Just what you need for printers and digital accessories.
  • HANDY STORAGE AREA underneath the stand gives you plenty of space for organizing. Just right for papers, books, and knic knacs to brighten your day. Also a fine spot for a cable box or modem. You get a full 5.4 inches of free space when stand is at its full height.
  • LOTS OF EXTRA FEATURES like the clever slot to hold your tablet or phone hands free. Also a cable organization slot so you don't have a spaghetti tangle of wires cluttering your desk area. You can route your USB and power cables through the slot for a neat, organized appearance.
  • COMPACT SIZE. Platform is 15.7 inches with height adjustable from 2.7 to a full 5.6. You get a spacious 12.2 inches underneath. This makes a great birthday gift or holiday present. Perfect for back to school supplies.