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Product Code: VESA-200LM

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Don’t Buy a Whole New Bracket. Save Time and Money

Your mount is already on the wall, and your new TV won’t fit but it’s still lighter than the mount’s weight capacity? Why buy a new mount and go through a new installation when you can upsize your current mount’s VESA pattern with these adapters and save money and time?

From 100x100 to up to 200X200

The adapters allow your mount with VESA 100x100 mm or 4”x 4” to fit VESA 200x200 or 8”x 8” and 200x100 or 8”x 4” as long as your TV’s weight is under the mount’s weight capacity.

  • TV mount adapters extend VESA mounting holes pitch from 100x100 to 200x200 or 200x100 so larger TVs can fit
  • For the Adapters to fit on your mount. Your mount’s plate HAS TO BE 100x100 mm or 4”x4”. Make sure your TV mount can handle the weight of your new TV
  • Allow your 100x100 or 4"x4" TV mount plate to fit larger TVs with VESA mounting patterns 200x200 or 8” x 8” and 200x100 or 8”x 4” allowing you to adapt from one size to another.
  • Please note; they WON'T WORK if your mount is larger than VESA 100x100 or 4"x 4"